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“A consummate professional, I knew if I needed something political or policy-oriented Gary Feld would find it.If the information is out there, Gary will collect it, analyze it and present it clearly and concisely.Bill Frist, MDFormer Senate Majority Leader (R-TN) Meet the Newcomers to Congress, December 2013: Rep. What if you looked at thoughts and emotions as something other than free?What if you had to invest a form of currency for the quality of your mental or emotional state?If you choose to invest in uplifting, positive thoughts, you get a positive return on your investment, you actually get more back than you give…whereas depressing, self-limiting thoughts bring no return and become an outward drain.The price we pay for the way we think and feel is not in dollars, but in vital energy.We have all felt the positive physical return that comes when we invest our energy and emotions in thoughts of love, contentment and gratitude.We are also very familiar with the heavy drain that accompanies worry, hatred, anger and self-lothing.We do pay, one way or the other, for our attitudes and beliefs.Think of it as energetic backing that comes with maintaining your state of mind and the emotional response.Next time you come up with a worry, ask yourself, is this worth the energetic expense.

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Рекламное агентство «КЛИМ»


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ЭКО-ГАСТРОНОМ Времена года на проспекте Кирова


Наши партнеры ЭКО-ГАСТРОНОМ Времена года на проспекте Кирова стали ярче!


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Объемные световые буквы РЕСО


Стали ярко-заметными наши партнеры РЕСО! Страховая компания РЕСО Гарантия Нижний Новгород


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Арт-студия "Клим" - рекламное агентство в Нижнем Новгороде
Адрес: г. Нижний Новгород, ул. Стрелка, д. 4, оф. 2
Телефон: +7 (831) 277-79-39, 277-65-95, 246-24-87, 275-75-87
Дизайн и хостинг R52.RU

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